gennima psichis red


Dry Red Wine
Protected Geographical Indication, Drama

Region / Vineyard
Adriani, Drama viticultural zone, North – East Macedonia. 2 Ha linear privately-owned vineyards situated at an altitude of 200 300 m. Clay soil of fine drainage over thin limestones. Crop yield 800-900 kg per acre.

The harvest takes place at night, in order to have chilled grapes and not warm (contrary to the harvest that takes place during the day). As a result the grapes are, faster and without a thermal shock, cooling for the prefermentation cold maceration.

Varietal Composition
Cabernet Sauvignon 40%, Merlot 25%, Syrah 20%, Agiorgitiko 15%

Classic red at 24οC. After the malic-acid fermentation and the aging on fine lees for 2 months. The oxidative ageing is made in the underground cellar in French oak barrels for 12 months, as well reductive ageing in the bottles for 12 months.

Tasting Notes
Deep red color with aromas of gooseberry, wild cherry and plum. Rich taste with a balanced acidity with aromas of vanilla and butter.

Food Pairing
Red and white meat in red dressings, such as chicken with plums and potatoes or roast beef in red sauce. It is also served with hard cheeses, such as cheddar and gruyere.
Served in 16-18οC.