gennima psichis rose


Dry Rose Wine
Protected Geographical Indication, Drama

Region / Vineyard
Adriani, Drama viticultural zone, North – East Macedonia. 1,5 Ha linear privately-owned vineyards situated at an altitude of 200 300 m. Clay soil of fine drainage over thin limestones. Crop yield 800-900 kg per acre.

The harvest takes place at night, in order to have chilled grapes and not warm (contrary to the harvest that takes place during the day). As a result the grapes are, faster and without a thermal shock, cooling for the prefermentation cold maceration.

Varietal Composition
Syrah 60%, Agiorgitiko 40%

The grapes of Syrah and Agiorgitiko remain in the tank, 1 to 2 hours,  in cooling conditions to acquire the desirable color. Classic rose vinification. Afterwards, the wine ages on fine lees for 2 months, which increases its volume and leads to a rich body.

Tasting Notes
Bright lighty rosy color with fine and pleasant flavor of strawberry, cherry and rose, evolved in the nose. Rich and fatty taste with volume and a lasting aftertaste.

Food Pairing
Pasta with lobster, pasta with sauce of mushrooms, tomatoes filled with mushrooms and food cooked with olive oil. Served in 10-12 oC.