Dry White Wine
Protected Geographical Indication, Drama

Region / Vineyard
Adriani, Drama viticultural zone, North – east Macedonia. 1 Ha linear privately-owned vineyards, the “pathway of the horses”, as it is known, situated at an altitude of 200-300 m. Clay soil of fine drainage over thin limestones.

Low crop yield 500kg per acre, succeeded with the method of Green Harvesting. An amount of unripe grapes is trimmed, in order for the ripe bunches to reach the perfect maturation.

The harvest takes place at night, in order to have chilled grapes and not warm (contrary to the harvest that takes place during the day). As a result the grapes are, faster and without a thermal shock, cooling for the prefermentation cold maceration.

Varietal Composition
Malagouzia 100%

The raw juice leads to an increase of the aromatic potential. After follows the aging on fine less for 3 months in acacia barrels.

Tasting Notes
Bright golden color with slightly green tones. Aromatic nose with emerging aromas of flowers and citrus fruits. Body rich and fatty from the acacia’s barrel. Aftertaste long and strong.

Food Pairing
Pork with orange, chicken with basil, pasta with garlic, fillet of salmon, fruits and salads. Served in 8-10oC.

Limited annual production