Dry White Wine
Protected Geographical Indication, Drama

Region / Vineyard
Adriani, Drama viticultural zone, North – East Macedonia. 20 Ha linear privately owned vineyards situated at an altitude of 200 300 m. Clay soil of fine drainage over thin limestones.

Varietal Composition
Malagouzia 100%

Selected “first press” Malagouzia grapes are pre-fermented and cryo-extracted at controlled temperatures. Afterwards, a controlled alcoholic fermentation takes place at low temperatures, followed by ageing on fine lees for 2 months.

Tasting Notes
Golden color, intense aromatic character from white-flesh and tropical fruit with flavors of wildflowers. Aromas of flowers, melon, peach, orange, pineapple and apricot. It is rich in taste, smooth with balanced acidity and a lasting aftertaste.

Food Pairing
Green salads, risotto or pasta with seafood, Asian cuisine, grilled fish, chicken and pork in white sauces, pies (herb-pies and leek-pies), fruits and yellow cheeses such as parmesan.
Served in 10οC.