cabernet sauvignon


Cabernet Sauvignon
Dry Red Wine

Protected Geographical indication, Drama

The extra capacities of the French red variety of Cabernet Sauvignon can give fresh and also ripe wines which fill the senses. In the area of Drama has an early ripening and gives wines of deep color and plethoric aromas of forest fruit such as gooseberry and wild cherry. During its ageing, the wine becomes more complex and is enriched with flavors of vanilla and butter. This wine has the potential to remain in the cellar for 8-10 years in order to complete its ageing process.

VARIETAL COMPOSITION: Cabernet Sauvignon 100%

VINIFICATION: Selection only completely healthy and fine-ripened grapes. Red fermentation, at 22th C in order to maintain the maximum aromatic character and reduced aggressive tannins and after malolactic fermentation. Winemaking separately for each variety and mixing after the end of the aging on lees for 2 months. After that, oxidative maturation in delicate French oak barrels for 12 months and then reductive maturation at least 12 months so the tannins become smoother and show the character of the wine in all its majesty.

CHARACTERISTICS: Deep red color with flavors or red and black wild fruit such as plums and red pepper accompanied with spicy flavors. Its stay in our underground cellar within the small French oak barrels gives the wine a velvet and lasting aftertaste.

SERVED WITH FOOD: Hunting meat such as wild boar, roast red meat and meat with red sauce cooked in casserole, spicy cheese. It accompanies all the dishes of the traditional and modern cuisine. Served in 16-18⁰ Celsius.